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Nov 12 2018

Decide If This Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your Hosting

Web hosting decides the speed, availability, and stability of your website. Most of the beginners prefer to buy shared hosting plan. However, as their site grows or traffic increases they need to upgrade their hosting plan to VPS or dedicated server depending upon need and budget availability. But the major question is how you can decide if this is the right time to upgrade your hosting plan. Many non-technical clients generally rely on their technical staff or consult with their web...

Sep 28 2018

Reseller Hosting Business: The Quick Success Recipe

The increasing competition in web hosting sector has not only helped in slashing the prices for the end customers but has also created excellent business opportunities for resellers. Today, it has become really easy to start your entrepreneurial journey as a hosting reseller without having to invest massive resources, going through technical intricacies or hiring a huge team. In order to spread their presence and multiply their opportunities, the hosting companies are offering complete...

Jul 24 2018

4 Clear Signs That Tell You To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Fast speed and stable performance are two essential requirements for delivering the best impact on users. Even the best-designed website loaded with extended functionalities can fail to leave the desired impact if it lacks speed and performance. So it is very important to buy the best web hosting plan that can fully support your website. However, many times the hosting plan that worked well at the time of purchase may...
Jun 27 2018

4 Best Tips To Make Your Reseller Hosting A Big Hit!

The widespread popularity of the internet has invited many traditional businesses to start their own website and multiply their business benefits. That is why the website infrastructure providers like web hosting companies; domain name providers etc. are registering a huge growth. At the same time, it has resulted in increased competition in the hosting industry. Thus, the web hosting companies need to dynamically increase their reach and clients. The best way to do this is to appoint...

May 25 2018

Cloud Hosting and overall site security- Part 2

In our last blog we discussed about the various things to keep in mind while evaluating the security of your cloud hosting environment. In this concluding part we would offer a few more insights into the security architecture of your cloud hosting environment as well as a few tips to ensure the best security:

Concern #1: Data Breach

Absence of proper authentication...

May 17 2018

Cloud Hosting and overall site security- Part 1

While cloud hosting is getting popular among an increased number of clients across the globe, many clients are still unsure about the security environment of cloud hosting. In fact, there are a number of clients who might appreciate the extended capability and pay as you go pricing model for cloud hosting but they are hesitant to invest in cloud hosting as they are not sure about the security environment. So, does buying cloud hosting plan make your site and data vulnerable to hackers or would it instead offer you an extended level of...

Apr 10 2018

4 major benefits offered by cPanel

When it comes to buying web hosting plans, the control panels play an important role as they allow you to enjoy the maximum flexibility and also help you in exercising various admin and management controls. The control panel offers you the required interface and tools. Two of the major control panels that are popularly used by web hosting clients are cPanel and Plesk. However, cPanel enjoys a wider popularity among both novices as well as advanced users. In this post we will evaluate various qualities of cPanel that offers it a vital position:

Jan 29 2018

Things to remember while transferring your domain name

Domain name transferring is a very critical process that needs complete attention and care. While many people think that transferring your Domain names does not affect the SEO, the reality is that it has a certain and a long lasting impact on your search engine rankings. Thus you need to be very careful during different phases of Domain transferring. Here are a few major things to keep in mind while transferring your domain name:

Audit the key statistics

In order to avoid any future hassles you should streamline...

Jan 16 2018

The future of web in the year 2018

The final month of any year is the perfect time to look back and evaluate the things. It is also the time when we try to predict the upcoming trends in the New Year and prepare ourselves accordingly. Talking of the internet industry, when we look behind, we find a number of changes occurred to websites in the year 2017. However, many such changes are still in the experimental stage or are adopted tentatively. At the same time, some research is also going on in order to bring 360 degree changes in the visual and functional appeal of the websites. So, we can say that 2018...

Jan 09 2018

Are you a freelance web designer? Enhance your income by becoming hosting reseller

One of the most discouraging notion that keep the people from foraying into web hosting business is that starting your own web hosting business requires a huge investment or infrastructure and you need to have a top notch setup along with the full fledged team of professionals. It might have been true during the 90’s of the past century but this notion does not hold any truth in today’s time. In fact if you are already in the internet industry and offering related services like web design or web...

Dec 01 2017

5 proven strategies to Impact your target audience

Quality content is the best way to positively impact your target audience. Writing regular company blogs is one thing and creating quality posts for your targeted audience is another! You need to be more careful in your presentation style and logical import. Ensure that the post should offer some tangible benefit to the targeted audience. Every aspect matters including style, consistency, structure and overall approach.

Align with search engine techniques

To ensure maximum...

Nov 23 2017

Enhance your domain reselling business by adding Dot Online to your inventory

There are a number of new age domain extensions that are fast gaining popularity as they sound different. Dot Online enjoys a unique position among them as it not only sounds fresh but is also synonymous with internet. While .Online allows the end users to name their sites in a unique style, it also opens up a world of opportunities for domain resellers. In simple words, Dot Online offers you best of both the worlds. Here are a few reasons why you should expect more earning/sales opportunities while selling dot...

Sep 11 2017

How to write power proposals ?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and time tested marketing techniques that is still retains its charm. However, when you go for an email marketing campaign you need to invest adequate attention to every part of the mail- Subject, Body etc. How effectively you design different parts of the mail determines the success you can expect from your email campaigns. Here are a few tips on how to write an effective email proposal:


Think of subject as a means...

Dec 28 2016

Dedicated Reseller Hosting – How It Can Improve Your Business

Nowadays, web hosting has become more affordable and richer in features. The increasing use of businesses relying on web hosting services resulted in a need for more advanced and scalable hosting solutions. With the emergence of dedicated reseller hosting packages, web-based companies are now able to meet on-demand hosting needs and expand their businesses widely.

What is dedicated reseller hosting?

A dedicated hosting provider offers dedicated reseller plans to resellers. Then, resellers remarket their...

Dec 23 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Domain Reseller Business

The Internet has exploded with many profit-making opportunities. One of the most common ways to earn revenue online is to invest in a domain reseller business.

But first, what is domain reselling?

You may have stumbled across the term “reseller” several times across the Internet. Basically, a reseller is someone that purchases a product or service with the aim of reselling it.

With domain reselling, you are in the business of buying and selling domain names: You invest in a...