Auto-Scalable CLOUD
Reseller Program

First True White Label Auto-Scalable CLOUD

Earn Recurring Revenue with Our White Label Cloud Services

Boost your company’s service portfolio and generate recurring revenue by reselling our white label cloud hosting services to your customers’. Signing up to our program is free and there are no obligations or commitments.

On-demand platform with automatic scalability
Project more cost control in the prepaid model



RESOURCESAuto Vertical & Horizontal Scaling
  • Cloudlets [128MB RAM 400Mhz CPU]
  • Cloud Storage
  • Per GB
  • Shared SSL
  • Bandwidth Per GB
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 24/7 Service Monitoring
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
$0.0036 per hour
  • $0.0036/- (upto)
  • Initial 10 GB Free
  • Further $0.000105/-
  • Free
  • $0.000147/-
  • Optional
$2.53 per month
  • $0.00232/- (upto)
  • Initial 10 GB Free
  • Further $0.000105/-
  • Free
  • $0.000147/-
  • Optional

Estimate your cost

128 Mb
12 Ghz
400 Mhz
10 GB
Total monthly price 

Why You Should Resell Our Cloud Hosting Packages to Your Customers?

Hourly Billing

Automatically scale up and scale down with ease and pay only for the hours you use the platform. Pricing can be customized separately for every resource that is used.

White Label

Our private-label cloud panel allows you to sell cloud services with your own brand and logo - without any hassles!

Easy Account

Get a free cloud reseller admin panel to help you easily and intuitively manage your business.


Provides a wide range of billing functionality, from a basic subscription fee model to a usage-based model.


Quickly and efficiently deploy servers in multiple locations with just a few clicks.


Get enhanced security with customizable application firewalls to detect intrusions for that added level of protection. Optional daily off-site backups.

No Capex

Eliminate the need for large capital expenditures and minimize your risk for initial investment and maintenance charges with a pay-as-you-go model.

World Class

Our technical support specialists are available 24/7 by ticket, chat, and email to help you and your customers with any issues that arise.

Cloud Reseller Program Key Features

Easy-to-Use Cloud Reseller Control Panel

Our cloud reseller hosting plans include a free and easy-to-use control panel, enabling you to easily create, manage, configure, and customize your services and pricing. You can easily assign individually defined resources to new instances and adjust the resources of the instances at any time. Your control panel can also be completely branded with your own name and logo.

Fully-Brandable Storefront – Cloud Reseller Website

Our reseller hosting accounts come with an easy-to-use storefront that enables you to resell cloud hosting services to your customers. You can easily setup accounts and packages for your customers or allow them to purchase directly from your website. All the products and services you sell can be fully customized with your own brand name and logo.

Free Powerful Tools

In addition to a free website and storefront, we also include other free and powerful tools like a free CRM, marketing tools, hosting billing system, etc. to help you run your business.

Robust Infrastructure & Support

  • 1. Robust Architecture with 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed!

    • State-of-the-art Datacenters world wide
    • Branded Hardware & Latest Xeon® Processor
    • Secured Firewall Protection
  • 2. Support. It's Our Biggest Focus, So You Never Have To Worry!

    • 24/7 - On Tickets, Email & Chat
    • Sys-Admin Level Support Staff
    • Minimal Response & Resolution Time
    • Largest Support Team in the Business